Hayden Makes A Surprise Visit To Foundation Holiday Course

HAYDEN Hackney surprised participants at the end of a three-day holiday course in Brotton this week.

Our course at St. Peter’s Primary School, was coming a close when Hayden popped in.

The 20-year-old Boro-star, who is enjoying a great season, answered questions from the excited youngsters before handing out medals, posing for photographs and signing autographs.

“Thank you to Hayden for taking the time to come over to East Cleveland,” says the Foundation’s Gary Walton.  “We appreciate it and the kids absolutely loved it.”

Hayden’s visit came after Riley McGree sent a video message of congratulations to Richmond School after they won a competition centred on environmental sustainability, Academy player Max Howells was in the judging panel for that one, then Hayden again, this time with Marc Bola proudly displayed a t-shirt designed by 14-year-old Lillie Heard ahead of Saturday’s win over QPR.

The first team squad having picked the winner.