Zoom Call With Duncan Watmore Highlight Of A Special Day

PUPILS of Outwood Academy Riverside enjoyed a special day at a stadium many can see from their classroom windows.

Working around the themes championed by the club’s RiverSidebySide initiative, pupils were welcomed in to Boro’s media suite where they undertook a workshop where they learned more about diversity and inclusion, working together to create impressive pieces of work.

They were given a tour of the stadium and enjoyed lunch, but the highlight away from their work was a Zoom call with Boro star Duncan Watmore. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/duncan-joins-student-qa-in-lgbtq-educational-visit

He engaged pupils across a range of subjects ranging from football to education, social inclusion to acceptance of diversity.

Engaging and erudite, Duncan proved he is a star off the pitch as well as on it.