We Want Your Feedback

STAKEHOLDER or participant, if you have worked with us or have been the beneficiary in one way or another of any of our programmes we’d like to know what you think.

We’re asking you to complete a survey (we estimate it will take around 10 minutes).

The aim of the surveys (they are different for Stakeholders and Participants) is to get feedback from the people that we work with, the beneficiaries who receive our support through our partnership and the people and communities that we support through our delivery.

The information provided will be reviewed by us and contribute to a new strategy which you will hopefully see the benefits of directly in the provision we deliver.

Scan the QR code or follow this link to the Stakeholder Surveyhttps://forms.office.com/e/Ng9xrXPgSb

Scan the QR code or follow this link to the Participant Surveyhttps://forms.office.com/e/vTjxXkbWRG