The Epitome Of Community

EVERY Wednesday morning the Friends of St. Margaret’s Church meet in what for generations of families has been the heart of the community.

St. Margaret’s Church, just off the High Street in Brotton, was first consecrated in 1892 – though the two bells in what is now a listed building date back further, one to the 17th century, the other believed to be from Medieval times.

It was granted Listed status five weeks before England won the World Cup in 1966 and football plays a part in keeping the community together in what is often described as God’s light on the hill in the village.

MFC Foundation are supporters of a well-attended coffee morning which raises funds for the Friends of St. Margaret’s Church and the church itself. Former Boro star Derek McClean, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday, is a regular.

Their secretary is Marian Carter, typical of the indispensable kind of woman at the heartbeat of such organisations. “We’ve been going for a long time and used to be in the church hall,” she explains. “Now we’re in the church itself and we welcome all-comers.

“We raise funds for different causes, sometimes the church, sometimes for our society, other times for different charities. We’re really grateful for the support of MFC Foundation and for all the prizes they bring along for our raffles.”

Another regular is Woody, the hairy lurcher, named after Jonathan Woodgate by it’s Boro-supporting owner. He, Woody that is, makes short work of the home-made treats on offer which include cakes and scones. You need to be at the head of the queue to beat this loveable canine companion.

Father Jonathan Rhodes is the vicar of St. Margaret’s of Antioch to give it its full name. “We know the impact MFC Foundation make in this area as a whole, not just in this church.

“We work closely with St. Peter’s Primary School and I know the Foundation do to. The community are grateful and respect the work the Foundation do. They’ve made a difference.

“They recognise the need for community and support where they can without being intrusive.”

10am, don’t be late, the scones will have gone.