Super Heroes Lend A Hand As MFC Foundation Surprise Lingdale!

MFC Foundation staff teamed up with Lingdale Primary Breakfast Club to help deliver a surprise food parcel to resident of the village – with a little help from a super hero or two!

There is something quite rewarding about seeing the smile on the face of someone who has just received a nice surprise and Batman, Captain America, Spiderman and Borosaurus (not technically a super hero) saw plenty smiling faces on a sunny East Cleveland morning.

In an accompanying letter to parents and guardians, Head Teacher Mrs. Thornton explained: “As the school is closed, we don’t want our families to miss out on their FREE Breakfast. Therefore, we have worked hard over the weekend to put together over 60 hampers all funded by Greggs. The dedicated staff of Lingdale Primary School went shopping and bought over £300 of breakfast items to support our families in such difficult times for us all.

“The hampers were then made up by the school and the MFC Foundation staff. The task was then to deliver the hampers to 64 homes across the area and what better way to do this than with the help of MFC Foundation (AKA superheroes!!!)”

The response from recipients told its own story. “My two children were so excited to see captain America at the front door! We’re blessed to be part of a such a lovely school and village,” said one, a theme followed by many. “Jaxon was buzzing Batman delivered, he’s a huge Batman fan!” Enthusiasm matched by many others who added, “Poppy was over the moon that Spiderman delivered hers. Aela loved her delivery, I got a phone call at work from her screaming down the phone that Batman had been! Awesome all!”

While one mother wrote: “I think I was more excited to see you than the kids! Thank you!”

Lingdale Primary School offers all children free breakfast club which is funded for 2 years from Greggs. Helping with collection and delivery from the Foundation were Charlie, Lee and Ryan.