Stepping Up Walk Of Fame

Here at MFC Foundation’s Stepping Up transition programme we understand just how important primary school closure is for Year 6 students before they leave.

This year, many Year 6 students will miss out on the traditional celebrations that serve as a rite of passage and signal an end to their time in primary schools.

This is sad for these children, as they will not get the opportunity to reflect upon the wonderful things they have achieved during their time at primary school, as well as share their favourite memories and funny moments with their friends and teachers.

We are creating the Stepping Up primary school walk of fame, where Year 6 students can design their own walk of fame star and decorate it how they please to celebrate their time in primary school coming to a close.

We encourage students, parents and teachers to share via social media completed walk of fame stars so that this year the Year 6 students still have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements in primary school.

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