PL Kicks Helps The Homeless With The Crisp Packet Project

WE asked participants in our PL Kicks classes to donate their clean and empty crisp packets for us to send off to the Crisp Packet Project. The response was superb, and resulted in a large amount of packets being donated.

The Crisp Packet Project works to reduce waste by recycling our used crisp packets and turning them into survival items, such as bags and blankets, for the homeless and communities in need. The project started back in November 2019 where the first crisp packet Bivi bag was made, since then hundreds of vulnerable people have been helped by communities coming together to look after each other.

It takes 300 crisp packets to make one Bivi bag, which is used on the outside of a sleeping bag to help insulate and greatly increase how long the sleeping bag can be used before wear and tear sets in.

A massive thank you to all the participants that donated, if you would like to get involved in the Crisp Packet Project, you can find out more here –