One Last Push For The Top!

TODAY is the last day for our intrepid climbers who together are having one last push to reach their individual targets and, raise much needed funds for both MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers Association.

If you can help any of our climbers get closer to their individual targets it would be very much appreciated. Please help if you can by clicking on one of the fundraising links below.

This is Poppy (14yrs) and Willow (9yrs) Train doing the Mt. Kilimanjaro challenge! Poppy goes to Acklam Grange School and is doing this towards her Duke of Edinburgh award and Willow goes to Whinney Banks Primary. Both schools, family and friends are all very proud of them. We are huge Boro fans and have season tickets in the North stand.

My names David Mohan and I got this team (Stairway to Help) together to really help raise some valuable funds for 2 worthy charities. I’m aged 40 from Middlesbrough, season ticket holder, Senior Learning Advisor at Barclaycard and regular fundraiser for the foundation. I decided on Kilimanjaro as I thought (at the time) very doable split across the day. After lots of pain my daily total is now met quite quickly, I continue to push myself each day. I think its a great initiative as it gets me moving and raising funds at the same time. Also like Jeff, Paul & Leigh I attended the free FFIT course run by the foundation and wanted to give back. Overall its great to have a team as we motivate each other all day every day!! Anyway back to it.

The 8 people below are all members of Team Stairway to Help along with myself  and our fundraising link is –

Jeff Patterson, 40 year old from Eaglescliffe. I work for Santander so been kept busy throughout the pandemic, due this I signed up to climb the equivalent of Mount Etna.  I was delighted to join the team after the seeing the fantastic work the MFC Foundation does throughout the region, and especially at such challenging times.  This was a great opportunity be able to support the Foundation while supporting and helping some great lads.

Hi I’m Paul Brand, 41 years old from Norton. I work for Bensons for beds and have been there close to 10 years now, so being furloughed i ended up deciding to conquer Mount Everest. I decided to join the lads with #feberestchallenge as i know the great work the MFC Foundation does for the area, i have previously been part of FFIT so i have met a few of the guys who work with the foundation during that, so any money we can raise for them i know will truly be appreciated. On a personal level I’ve found the lockdowns tough mentally so this was a great way for me to have something to focus on during the pandemic whilst still helping others.

Hi I’m Sean Smith 34 from Stockton. I work as a self-employed plasterer for S. N. SMITH PLASTERING been in the trade from the day I left school being the youngest in the group I opted for Mount Everest. I choose to do this challenge as MFC foundation do some great work in the community for kids. After my 4 year old son found out why I was running up and down stairs each day he joined in and chose Roseberry Topping and has stuck to it too.

Hi my name is Mark Anderson, I am from Stockton but now live in Oldham … I work for a housing association group called Guinness Partnership helping out on repairs and customer service.

I chose Roseberry Topping as I used to go up a lot when I was living in the NE, however I am aiming to climb roughly 3/5 times over all over with between 13-22 climbs of stairs a day sometimes I do more. I was asked to take part by David Mohan who is a very good friend of mine and I like to give a little back.

Robert Nichols, aged 58 now. I edit Fly Me To The Moon fanzine and fan website I suppose that is what I do for a living!

I selected Mount Etna but then upgraded on my first day when I was still climbing after 50 ascents. I settled on Kilimanjaro. Which I have renamed Kilimanstairo for the challenge. A recent knee operation meant it was too risky to scale Everest but I can leave that for the younger fit members of the crew. I have been an avid Boro home and away supporter for most of my life and am a keen supporter of the fantastic work the MFC Foundation carries out. So, once Dave Mohan had forced me into the challenge I was delighted to climb stairs every day to help the mighty Boro Walkers to scale their funding heights. This has also given me plenty of time to practice some new Neeskins Kebano chants as I go up and down and up and down… Up The Boro.

Hello. Im Craig Barrett. I turn 40 today. I work in Argos, so have worked the full pandemic, been tough but we do what we do. I chose Mount Etna as a steady mountain. I was an avid runner, but a double disc prolapse knocked me off course. So I took this challenge to get back to fitness slowly. I’m an avid Boro fan who lives in Durham now, surrounded by Mackems and Geordies. It’s painful. Haha.

I’m Leigh Fisher, Massive Boro Fan I’m 42 (43 in March), work for Thirteen Group, very active when it comes to walking playing sports now riding my motor scooter. So I took on challenge of Mount Everest to as a massive challenge to help with my daily exercise routine and to help with worth charities MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers.

Lee Bartram I’m 35 and work for Barclaycard Commercial and have been following Boro since my first game way back in 1992. I have always looked to support the foundation for the work they do in the local area and the past few years have taken part in the annual play on the pitch at the Riverside which is always a good turnout . I’ve took on Mount Etna as a way to start building up my fitness going into the new year as due to working from home I’m not doing half as much running / walking etc as I should be.

This is Ryan Davey, Ryan is taking the Climb any Mountain – Feberest Challenge this month and is trying to climb Mount Everest – 133 stair ascents per day. His fundraising link is

He is doing the climb as a way of getting fit and to raise money for 2 very good causes – MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers Association.

This is Peter Livingstone (Pete Livo). Peter is the Chairman of the Boro Walkers Association and is attempting to climb Mount Etna – 80 stair ascents per day. Peter’s fundraising page is

Peter and the Boro Walkers Association are always fundraising for local charities and he saw this as a great way to keep the body and mind fit throughout lockdown, and at the same time support MFC Foundation. Peter is hoping to raise a minimum of £100 for both charities.

Here is Durata’s Quality Director, Alison McGee who is taking part in the charity event ‘Climb Every Mountain – Feberest Challenge’ to help raise money for both Boro Walkers Association and MFC Foundation. Alison is attempting to climb Mount Everest which will see her climb her stairs a minimum of 133 times every day throughout this month. Alison uses music as her motivation however did spend a couple of days listening to Jimmy Carr.

Hi I’m Victoria Stone I’m climbing Mount Etna for the Climb Every Mountain #FEBEREST challenge raising funds for both MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers Association. Thankfully at home and not the real thing! My brother told me about the challenge, he’s had a season ticket since the Ayresome Park days and now takes our nephew, although our family are split between the Boro and Newcastle FC! Really enjoying it so far and with working from home it’s getting me moving much more which is great!

Thank you to everybody who has supported the climbers above they have raised thousands of pounds for 2 local charities – MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers Association.