New Friend Of The Foundation Wants To Recycle With Roary

EITHER as individuals or as a business, being a Friend of the Foundation is a rewarding way to support MFC Foundation and directly the people of Teesside.

The latest to sign up want to take it a step further. Not satisfied with being satisfied with a generous financial input, Cumbria Waste Group want to become actively involved in some meaningful work within the community.

Cumbria Waste Group (CWG) has expanded into Teesside with the acquisition of a material recycling facility in South Bank, Middlesbrough. The initiative has created 50 new jobs boosting the local economy while ensuring local council waste is processed in Middlesbrough and not outsourced to Ireland at tremendous cost to local councils, as was previously the case.

Following a programme of site refurbishment and upgrades in sorting technology, the facility is now capable of processing any mix of recyclable waste streams.  This includes materials such as plastics, paper, card, glass and cans creating separated materials of high quality, maximising the value from recovered materials both environmentally and financially.

Cumbria Waste offer a range of commercial waste solutions, from one bin customers to total waste management packages.  They support Local Authorities and commercial businesses that want to increase future waste management and recycling performance, while potentially reducing overheads.

Shaun Morritt, sales executive at Cumbria Waste Group (NE) commented: “We are delighted to become Gold Member partners with Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation. We look forward to working together, raising the awareness of environment, sustainability and issues that help us to keep ‘protecting the planet’, in line with Premier League Inspires Challenge initiative which we intend to work closely with.

“As part of the initiative, during January, our message will be highlighted during a tour of schools with the Foundation and ourselves in the local area, increasing pupil’s knowledge and understanding of recycling, the effect we have on the environment and how everyone can actively participate and Recycle with Roary!”