National Refugee Week Highlights Plight And Success

FOR a long time MFC Foundation has been helping the people of Teesside, our communities, your communities.

There are no boundaries, we rail against discrimination of all kinds and this week we are highlighting the plight of those seeking refuge.

This is National Refugee Week; the truth is we work with and help refugees every day of the week every week of the year.

The gallery below as a collage of a little piece of history, success stories told by smiles and support given by the Boro too, you will recognise Mo Besic, Britt Assombalonga and Jonny Howson amid a sea of faces you won’t know, but who have found Teesside a welcoming place.

Currently we’re working with around 300 refugees representing around 30 different countries, each one grateful for a chance to start again after fleeing oppression, sometimes war and always inhumanity.

#HealingTogether #RefugeeWeek2022