MFC Foundation Joins Clubs From Around The Country In Planet Super League Cup26

MFC Foundation has reached the semi-final stage of  CUP26 – a tournament by Planet Super League with the support of Count Us In, encouraging football fans to take climate action. With approximately 3.5 billion football fans, CUP26 harnesses the global passion for the sport to fight climate change on an unprecedented scale.

In CUP26 fans sign up for free at and score goals for their club by completing planet-protecting activities. Clubs play weekly fixtures against their rivals, the supporters who score the most goals win the match. There are 100 goal-scoring activities on the website, including having a delicious plant-based meal, cycling and walking, and having a screen-free evening. The Planet Super League trophy will be awarded to the tournament winner in the first week of COP26.

CUP26 is the biggest-ever football fan campaign focussed on climate change. MFC Foundation is joining football club community organisations across the country stretching from Hibernian in Edinburgh to Plymouth Argyle in the South West. All coming together to fight climate change.

The tournament kicks off as the world builds up to COP26, with football clubs leveraging the passion of their fans, raising awareness, driving citizen climate action, and creating real momentum ahead of the climate conference.

CUP26 is supported by the UK Government’s campaign Together for Our Planet as well as media partner Sky. At a critical time for the planet it shows that everyday fans, families and the wider public care about climate change and are willing to do their part. But they want their leaders to do more too and deliver solutions at COP26 that will prevent further climate change.

MFC Foundation Health Coordinator Paul South is encouraging everyone to get involved. “This is healthy competition in more ways than one. There is a fun element and of course the desire to win, but there is a serious message here.

“If everyone did just one small thing the difference would be massive. It isn’t a cliché to say we’re talking about the future of planet. We’re not over-stating that. We’re talking about making a difference now to preserve the planet for future generations. My family, your family, everybody’s family.

“You can make a difference. Come on Boro fans, let’s show what we can do.”

Tom Gribbin, CEO of Planet Super League said: “CUP26 is our largest tournament, with over half the professional football clubs in the UK taking part. Fans of all ages can represent their club, do their bit for the planet and help compete for the trophy. We’re delighted to be working alongside Count Us In and we look forward to sharing exciting moments and surprises as the season unfolds.”

Boro fans, schools and families can sign up for free on from today. The tournament kicks off on Monday 13 September. The first week’s fixtures will be released tomorrow.


CUP26 activities include:

Leg power 5k – Go for a walk/cycle instead of using the car

Pumped up – Pump up your car tyres

Club bird feeder – Make a bird feeder and decorate in your club’s colours

Screens off – Try a screen-free evening

Electric transfer – Switch to a green electricity supplier

Over the line – Hanging out the washing instead of using the tumble drier

Smart move – Get a smart meter installed

Natural talent – Snap an animal or plant found on a football club badge

Bug stadium – Build a football stadium for the bugs

Snap a bug – Get into nature and identify an insect

Meat-free meal – Eat a meat-free meal

Fergie time food – Grab some yellow ticket food from the supermarket

No moo milk – Try plant-based milk

Charity shop drop – Donate a bag of preloved clothes


CUP26 has developed a suite of cross-curricular resources for schools, teachers and out of school clubs across KS1, KS2, and KS3. They are publicly available for download via


Planet Super League engages families to take action against climate change through football. We run competitions, where families represent their clubs and complete activities that help them reduce their carbon footprint, and live greener, more sustainable lives.


Count Us In is a global movement of people and organisations taking practical steps to protect what they love from climate change, before it’s too late. Its mission over the next decade is to inspire 1 billion people to significantly reduce their carbon pollution and challenge leaders to act boldly to deliver global systems change.

Count Us In brings together sport, business, faith, youth and civil society around four pillars: “protect what you love, make changes that matter, do good for you too, and add up to something bigger”.

It is a growing coalition of more than 100 organisations, including a number of UN institutions, Ingka Group (IKEA), Global Citizen, Sky, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and the European Climate Pact. Count Us In’s leadership team includes the COP 26 High Level Champion’s Team (led by Nigel Topping), TED, Leaders’ Quest, The Museum for the United Nations – UN Live, Global Optimism (led by former UN Climate Chief, Christiana Figueres)