MFC And MFC Foundation Recognised For Work In Mental Health And Wellbeing

MFC and MFC Foundation have been presented with the Bronze Standard in Mental Health and Wellbeing, awarded by Plan4Sport.

Originally chosen as one of only four pilot organisations from across the UK, MFC and MFC Foundation were approached to pilot the standard which is new for sporting organisations. The long- term hope being that the standard gets rolled out across all sporting organisations who have a responsibility for supporting mental health in their staff and participants.

To achieve the award the two organisations have worked together to put in place a mental health action plan, various training for staff on the topic of mental health, an organisation-wide mental health risk assessment in addition to mental health being added to all risk assessments across the organisation, a Health and Wellbeing policy and reviewed various HR policies.

A statement on Plan4Sport’s website explains: A Framework for Action was launched by Plan4Sport in February 2019 to help the public and private sector address the growing concern of mental health within the workplace. We have developed this using industry expertise against a benchmarked set of actions which we believe are realistic and achievable. The Framework will help any business develop its approach to mental health in the workplace based on legal compliance, research, best practice and extensive professional experience.

On the award to MFC and MFC Foundation, Plan4Sport were fulsome in their praise.

The organisation is to be congratulated; this is an excellent submission which clearly demonstrates honest and constructive self-assessment; commitment to achieve Bronze Level and vision to strive for best practice around employee mental health and wellbeing.

There is clear commitment to employee mental health and wellbeing and this is driven by senior leaders through all sections of the Football Club. The organisation has developed a high quality and robust submission that meets the requirements for Bronze Level – Framework for Action. Well done.