Kitchen Therapy Project – Serving up Mental Well Being

The Kitchen Therapy Project, helping young adults from within MFC Foundation’s programmes to achieve better mental health and emotional wellbeing, is set to launch across Teesside.

MFC Foundation have partnered with Masterchef finalist Matei Baran to deliver this 6 month programme which will see young adults experiencing a range of mental health issues learn culinary skills  and promote good mental health within a kitchen environment.

The Kitchen Therapy project will see up to a dozen young adults with mental health issues train in a kitchen environment under the guidance of Masterchef Finalist Matei Baran. This will culminate in an evening event serving up a 5 course taster menu raising funds for MFC Foundation. Matei said “Avid cooks have long recognized the therapeutic power of kitchen time” He continued “When I met with the Foundation and we discussed this opportunity I knew that I could really make a difference through the power of the kitchen.”

Now, ‘Kitchen Therapy’ is the treatment du jour at a growing number of mental health clinics and therapists’ offices. It’s being used as part of the treatment for a wide range of mental and behavioural health conditions, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD and addiction.

Ann-Marie Anderson Business Development Manager for MFC Foundation said “This project allows young adults to gain both the support and tools they need to succeed both emotionally and in terms of their personal growth.” She continued “I am incredibly keen to see this project rolled out more widely, so that even more people can see the benefits of integrating mental health support into the Kitchen environment.”

Following their training starting in June 2019 the young adults under the guidance of Matei Baran will deliver an evening 5 course taster menu to the paying public in Al Forno’s Middlesbrough in September and Chadwicks Inn Maltby in October. Both of these events will raise funds for MFC Foundation allowing them to inspire confidence and hope in hundreds and thousands of children and adults across Teesside.