Kevin: A Story Of Thanks Hope And Inspiration

OVER the last few weeks and in the months ahead we have seen and need to prepare for challenges the like of which we never expected to encounter in our lifetime.

Kevin Robinson had his personal challenges to face before Covid-19 reshaped the world as we knew it. Friendships made on the FIT BORO programme have helped him realise the light at the end of the tunnel is not that of an onrushing train.

Shortly after enrolling on what was to be a 12-week programme aimed at increasing physical and mental wellbeing, Kevin’s wife underwent major surgery and her father passed away.

“I thought this could be the end of this course for me. However, I was blown away by your concerns and support during this time,” said Kevin in a letter written to MFC Foundation.

“This relit the fire in my belly and I quickly joined back in through your encouragement.

“I joined for some inspirational tips to kick start me getting fitter and losing weight. Over the first few weeks I was both happy and inspired and quickly started to see my weight head in the right direction for the first time in many years.

“Being held at the Riverside was a bonus and brought a smile to my face each Monday evening. Both the classroom sessions and the workouts.

“What I had not expected was the friendships struck up with others on the course. All attending a Boro game together, walking around the Riverside area chatting with like-minded people.

“Then I missed a few weeks through my wife having a major operation and my father-in-law passing away. Your help and encouragement has pulled me through.”

Kevin, who has particular praise for the programme’s leader Paul South, goes on to say. “Then an unpredictable change. None of us could have predicted the Covid-19 lockdown. Again I thought I was not meant to complete this course. Then you step up again, encouraging us all through our WhatsApp group to continue the collaboration on a Monday evening, exercising as a group, which has been good fun. We look forward to your regular posting of healthy meals by the Boro Head Chef for us to follow.

“While I would like to follow the course again once this pandemic goes away, I have to congratulate you on assisting me to complete this course, then go above and beyond the call of duty by continuing the conversation.

“A huge thank you from me Paul, and when this is over, I will shake your hand. You have truly helped me beyond my expectations.”

While the FIT BORO group continue to meet online, the EFL and EFL Trust have just launched a FIT FANS programme on their You Tube channels with a new exercise launched every Wednesday evening at 5 and Saturday morning at 11.

Here’s the first one, launched on Wednesday April 22.