Joslin Rhodes Boro Memorabilia Exhibition Success

IN association with MFC Foundation, Joslin Rhodes put on a terrific exhibition of Boro memorabilia at a special event in their Planning Rooms on Monday night.

They assembled an impressive list of speakers, each of whom had a short tale to tale in front of an enthralled audience, before everyone perused a collection taken from six decades.

We would like to thank Joslin Rhodes, former Boro Academy manager Dave Parnaby, Premier League and FA Cup Final referee Jeff Winter, Ray Train who made over 500 league appearances as a player before becoming an integral part of Bryan Robson’s backroom staff, Bob McLeod, Brian Clough’s first signing at Hartlepool and the wives of former stars Willie Maddren and Bill Gates, Hilary and Dr. Judith.

Each one spoke so well about memories, their own and those shared with others as messages about dementia and quality of life were constant throughout the evening.

Thank you to everyone who was there and donated in some way to MFC Foundation. It was a special night.