Join Our MFC Foundation Lottery for Your Chance to Win £25,000!

At MFC Foundation, we know that £25,000 can go a long way to help fund programmes and initiatives that can raise aspirations and change the lives of many vulnerable people across Teesside.

A significant amount of money for us, but also a life-changing amount of money for hundreds and thousands of people throughout the UK. That’s why we are giving you the chance to take home up to £25,000 with just £1 a week!

Whether its helping to buy specialized equipment to give children with disabilities the chance to play sport, or even saving someone with mental health issues’ life, 50p of every £1 goes straight to the Foundation, to help us continue to deliver our programmes.

How Our Lottery Works

Entry into our £25,000 jackpot lottery is just £1 per week. When you join, you will be sent a unique 6-digit lucky number which is entered each week, for each entry you take. A huge 50% of each entry is profit – much more than the National Lottery. The rest of the money covers the administration of the lottery and prizes.

The most recent result is published here and you can check more results on the Sports Club Lottery website See more results.

Lottery Prizes

To win a prize you must match at least three numbers in the right order. If the draw result was 0-6-1-0-2-0 and your number was: 9-6102-9, you would have matched 4.

  • Match 3 numbers and win £2
  • Match 4 numbers and win £20
  • Match 5 numbers and win £250
  • Match 6 numbers and win £25,000

If you match all 6, you win £25,000 guaranteed – no sharing the jackpot!

Check the Lottery Results Every Week to See if you’re a Winner

To make it as easy as possible for you, you can visit this page every week and check the results for the most recent draw at the top of the page. Alternatively, the results will be published on Sports Club Lottery’s Twitter account and you can check the results directly in the newspaper each Monday to see if you’re a winner.

To see previous  Lottery draw results, check the main Lottery Results page.

Receiving Your  Lottery Prize

If you’re a winner, prize cheques will automatically be sent to the address you registered when you joined – no need to make a claim, a cheque will be sent directly to you within 30 days of the draw taking place.

If you move house, you can let us know by calling 0115 888 1 222 or e-mailing

Join our MFC Foundation Lottery Now

Click the button above to join via direct debit. Each line costs £1 per week, £4.34 per month as some months have 5 draws.

Terms and Conditions

Our lottery is administered by Prize Provision Service Ltd who are licensed by the Gambling Commission as an External Lottery Manager. Full terms and conditions.