Inspire Choir Competition

Have You The Voice Of An Angel For Our Inspires Choir Competition?

Doesn’t really matter if you haven’t, we’d still love you to join in.

With families deprived of the traditional tear-jerker that is the school nativity play, MFC Foundation have launched a choir competition for primary school children.

The competition aims to raise spirits as well as entertain and we want as many schoolchildren as possible to have a go.

Your choir can consist of just those in your social bubble, or can be your entire class at school (maximum of 35), that’s up to you.

You will need a registration form and Help Guide to enter. Follow this link to download the very thing Registration for Inspire Choir and Help Guide

If you can’t download from here, please e-mail for the form. You will have until December 14 to create and submit your inspirational music video which must be no longer than two minutes in duration.

Your song must be any, or all, of the following themes: Christmas, Inspirational, Uplifting and Meaningful.