In Need Of Inspiration?

How are you getting on with your entry for our Mackenzie Thorpe Inspired Love Of Teesside competition?

We’ve already had some terrific entries, but there is time, plenty time, to get yours in. Have a look around you, either in your house, in your community, around town or if you’re lucky enough maybe just a little beyond.

Take a photo, make a model, draw, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have a go.

Have a listen to Mackenzie (and our very own Annaleigh Wynn) talking with Neil Green on Radio Tees this week by following the link below and taking the marker to 3:23:08 on the timeline. There’s plenty good stuff to listen to from our friends at BBC Radio Tees, this bit is about Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Thorpe talking on BBC Radio Tees about the Love Of Teesside art competition.

This competition is open to all ages and you have until June 12 to complete your work and send it in to us.

Send it via e-mail to: or upload a picture to Facebook/Instagram and tag us, or on Twitter using the hashtag #loveofteesside

Here’s Mackenzie explaining a little bit more and below is a mini gallery that might offer you some inspiration. Click on each image, then click again to make it bigger.