Historic Night At The Riverside

For the first time ever Iftar has been taken at the Riverside.

The fast-breaking evening meal during the month of Ramadhan was taken on a night of faith, socialising and business interaction.

Never before has the Islamic community of Teesside mixed with those who don’t practice the faith to celebrate inclusiveness and multiculturism in the Riverside.

The Legends Lounge was a sea of colour on a night were businesses networked and the audience heard from event organiser Sahida Ditta, MFC Foundation’s business development manager Paul Shepherd and Imam Wajid Malik from the Central Masjid, before an emotive call to prayer and the breaking of fast with the contents of a gift bag in the stands of Boro’s stadium.

Prayers were said in the Rockliffe and Fenton Suites before Iftar was taken back in the Legends Lounge.