Foundation Memory Room Goes On Tour

A PROJECT funded by Middlesbrough Council’s community grant fund and delivered by MFC Foundation, went on the road this month bringing smiles to the faces of residents in Middlesbrough care homes.

The Memorabilia Memory Box Tour is taking our memory room to visit care homes across Middlesbrough supporting people with memory loss.

In the first visit, former England international and Boro star Alan Peacock joined staff from the Foundation’s social inclusion team at the Willows Care Home in Middlesbrough to help deliver this unique project.

Paul Shepherd, Business Development Manager for MFC Foundation said: “Our memory room, funded by Middlesbrough Council has been a big success so we wanted more people to be able to benefit from it.  This Memorabilia Memory Box Tour, was developed by members of our social inclusion team and is designed to help older people recall fond memories from the past, using a set of archived images and themed memorabilia.

“People with dementia do not always have the same level of sensory stimulation that others enjoy through daily activities, and the project aims to help deliver this stimulation in a gentle way.”

One million people are predicted to be living with dementia by 2025, and 1.6m by 2040. Up to 40% of dementia cases are potentially preventable, however many causes and contributory factors remain poorly understood.

Residents from the care homes are invited to look at photos, newspapers, memorabilia or listen to music and or old commentaries from Boro games in the hope there is a spark of recognition. It has been proven in the past these images or recordings can act as memory triggers for people with dementia and can assist with short term memory recall.

Dementia-trained MFC Foundation staff were on hand to facilitate the activities and support participants according to their own needs and interests. By stimulating memories and sharing stories, it is hoped the weekly sessions will help build positive social connections between the residents.