Foundation Encouragement In Mental Health Awareness Week

AS you may be aware, this is Mental Health Awareness Week.

The theme this year is Anxiety, a normal emotion in everyone, but it can get out of hand.

A national study recently revealed that 6 in 10 adults sometimes feel so anxious that it prevents them from doing the things they want some or even all of the time. That’s a large percentage. But help is at hand and this week has kick-started a national conversation, encouraging people to share their experiences and any helpful ideas on how they manage anxiety.

MFC Foundation staff are taking part in events throughout the week which will help them understand more about mental health and wellbeing and in turn help others. This ranges from a presentation from Mind, through to exercises and walk and talk sessions; you might be surprised how beneficial these are.

We run a Think With Your Feet programme where once a week like-minded participants get together to discuss their lives and play football, helping each other and occasionally taking on teams from other Foundations. Then there’s Kitchen Therapy, a programme designed to build confidence and self-esteem while at the same time learning how to cook.

Then there’s the award-winning FIT BORO, led by the award-winning Paul South.

For more information on Think With Your Feet, e-mail Liam at, for Kitchen Therapy it’s Gary at and for FIT BORO it’s Paul at

Whatever you do this week please take time to understand a little more about mental health, it is every bit as important as your physical wellbeing.

If you’re struggling, please remember, you are never alone, help is at hand.