Fit Boro Returns In September

A FREE fitness programme for the body and mind like no other, FIT BORO is a 12-week programme for men and women aged 35-65 (give or take a year or two) which plays out on the concourses of the Riverside Stadium, Loftus Leisure Centre and Skelton Civic Centre.

All venues are in play when the programme returns next month, though the sessions at Loftus and Skelton are for women only.

It is a programme that has helped so many in recent years. As those who have participated know, the Riverside is a setting unlike any gym, while in Loftus and Skelton it has proved to be a social occasion as much as a fitness session.

All venues offer a welcoming and supportive environment with likeminded people.

Our staff on the programme don’t judge, they advise and help. That’s maybe one of the reasons FIT BORO programmes have proved so popular in the past.

Friendships have formed as wellness for the body and mind mixes with nutritional advice.

Don’t leave it too late to sign up or simply express your interest via e-mail to Gary. He’s at Places are limited, and this is popular.

The first sessions are;

Monday 11th 6-7.30 Riverside – Men

Tuesday 12th 6-7.30 Riverside – Women

Wednesday 13th 5.30-7.00 – Skelton Civic Centre – Women

Friday 15th 1.15-2.30 – Loftus Leisure Centre – Women