Encouraging Children’s Confidence In The Kitchen

COMBINING our work with the Barclays 100 x 100 scheme and and our Primary Stars programme, we have partnered with Park End Primary school to teach children new skills in the kitchen and encourage home cooking.

Park End provide an Eco-shop for the local community which Barclays funding has allowed us to support. We wanted to take that one step further by helping children learn how to use economic, healthy ingredients to create great food.

Each week we provide children at the school with a recipe card and the ingredients to make a meal for themselves and their families, the most recent was corned beef hash with sweetcorn and cabbage.

The ingredients are delivered by one of our coaches and arrive in Boro bags which the children take home.  They then follow the recipe with their family and send us pictures of the completed meals.

The feedback we have received with the photos has been fantastic:

“Our 5-year-old daughter made corned beef hash!  Thank you for helping her to do that.”

“We really enjoyed getting my two youngest wanting to help in the kitchen”

“Thanks for our first bag, we loved it and have attached a photo of our finished meal.”

It is the hope that skills learned at an early age will be skills taken through life and taught to many of any age.