EFL Week Of Action

The annual EFL Week Of Action gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase many of our programmes.

The week began and ended with presentations on environmental sustainability in primary schools, the theme was Protecting The Planet, Rose Wood Academy and Green Lane Primary the venues.

In between we held a open afternoon for participants on our Chances (targeted intervention) programme at the Riverside. Pan Disability sessions are held every Tuesday morning at the Herlingshaw and Think With Your Feet Youth sessions in Loftus every Tuesday afternoon.

Boro skipper Jonny Howson went along to talk with the participants there, while on the same afternoon Boro’s Alex Gilbert and Morgan Rogers entertained pupils at Archibald Primary in another Protect The Planet delivery.

Lingdale Primary School played hosts to a Move and Learn session on Wednesday, while Thursday mornings at Redcar Athletic FC are taken up with our Team Talk programme. Set up after the local steelworks closed in 2015, other than tea and biscuits there’s no agenda for these gatherings which bring together people who quite often just want someone to talk to on a social environment.

Think With Your Feet, a session for people who have lived – or are still living with – mental illness, runs every Friday afternoon at the Herlingshaw.

If you would like to know anything about any of these programmes, e-mail enquiries@mfcfoundation.co.uk or ring 01642 757674 any time between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday.