Dances Bring Smiles Laughter And Memories

Two dances just before Christmas brought smiles, laughter and many memories to life.

Senses Wellbeing Centre in Skelton is usually a hive of activity. With the community at heart, their provision is extensive.

Once a month, MFC Foundation help fund an inclusive tea dance. At least that’s the way it started, it’s so much more than that now. Yes, there’s dancing, yes there’s tea, but for the couple of hours the sessions last there is an escape from the outside world.

Maybe participants are living with dementia, maybe they have additional needs, whatever their dependency they come to enjoy themselves and Karen Winspear, who looks after the centre, and MFC Foundation do their best to make sure they leave with a smile.

Our final session for this year was a cracking Christmas party. We’re back there in January.

For more information on our sessions at Senses, e-mail enquiries at

The Foundation’s monthly dementia dances at the Riverside are popular throughout the year. It was no surprise then that the biggest attendance of the year was for our Christmas party.

There was excitement in the air in the Legends Lounge, mixed with music, laughter and of course mince pies.

The Legends Lounge was an appropriate venue. The word legend is often misused, but there were real-life legends in the room in the form or family and carers, not to mention Alan Peacock, himself living with dementia and who was on top form.

We feel privileged to be able to provide this service for those living with dementia and their families, our training is increasing, our work extending, and we look forward to many of these kind of events throughout this year.

We thank Brian Rowcroft and his gang from Dementia Action Teesside for their help this year and invite you all to learn more about our dementia provision by e-mailing or by ringing 01642 757674

For more information on our sessions at Senses, e-mail enquiries at

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone.