Create Your Own Success Story With Our Fit Boro Programme

MFC FOUNDATION’s free FIT BORO sessions are set to resume but there is still space should you wish to create your own personal success story, just like Boro fan Ged Cranny.

Ged is 60 and from Ingleby Barwick. He had a knee replacement operation due to an old sporting injury that had never been addressed. The ensuing operation and recuperation, including a significant time off work, took its toll on both Ged`s mental health and confidence.

After the operation Ged he made a conscious decision not to take part in physical activity again, hoping to avoid any future operations, or the pain associated with them. This meant stopping cycling, squash and running. On returning to work the pandemic struck and lockdown meant that Ged, like many, had to work from home. Longer working hours and eating at different times, combined with the lack of face-to-face contact with others and decreased activity, affected his self-confidence and his overall mental health deteriorated.

Ged admits that prior to working from home his diet was poor as travelling a lot with work meant his eating habits were not ideal, often eating crisps and ordering takeaway meals.

The overall impact was that his weight went up from around 82.5kg (13stone) to around 104kg (16.5stone) and waist size going up from around 38 inches to 48 inches.

He signed up for the FIT BORO programme along with a couple of friends and another 25 like-minded participants. Each week he took part in a combination of exercise sessions and nutritional workshops delivered by coaches from MFC Foundation.

Ged`s confidence built up over the course of the programme and he pushed himself to improve and achieve his goals, gaining more and more confidence in exercising. In addition to this he also continued to regularly take part in walking football sessions.

One goal was weight loss, so he replaced his favourite food, crisps, with healthier options. He also proved to be a popular member of the group, helping to encourage and motivate others to achieve their own personal goals.

By the end of the 12-week course Ged lost eight and half inches off his waist and over two stones in weight

“I would recommend the FIT BORO programme to anyone as it has been an amazing experience for me and helped to improve my life both physically and mentally,” he admits, adding. “I have found exercising with like-minded individuals really motivating as we are all doing it for the same reasons. I really look forward to seeing everyone every Monday night!”.

Places are limited. To sign up, have any questions, or would like to register an expression of interest, ring 01642 757674, or e-mail