Close Ties Help Teesside Communities

A Gold Standard Friend of the Foundation, Close Protection Security have been long term supporters of our work across the communities.

They support us because they believe passionately in giving people from Teesside opportunities, particularly through sport and the benefits it can bring to mental and physical health.

Alongside their work in security, they run a boxing academy, helping people of all ages channel their energy and improve self-discipline and fitness.

The most recent example of their work came when they helped Will Howe prepare for a boxing bout against Milen Paunov.

Glenn Bartlett, managing director of Close Protection Security, takes up the story.

“We first met Will when he got brought into our gym by a client for sponsorship. From then he’s been a big part at Close Protection. We helped him get his license and also helped him get some work so he could provide for his little girl whilst starting his journey in professional boxing.

“Will works the Boro tunnel with me every match day now.”

Roary went along to visit CPS and to help Will with his fitness training ahead of his big fight and that seems to have worked as Will won in the 4th round.

“We put Will through his training, and he wasn’t working beforehand. We help all ages, not just young people, we have adult classes and ladies only too.”

Well done to Will for winning, to CPS for giving someone from Teesside a chance, and of course to Roary.