Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge 2022

Following a successful launch of the Feberest Challenge in 2021 we’re hoping you can help us by climbing a mountain of your own (not literally, but almost!).

Whether you’re an individual who fancies a challenge, a local business who wants to encourage their employees to work together to reach their goals, or a family reaching new peaks your efforts will help us to continue to work with the most vulnerable within our communities.

The MFC Foundation Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge will also help keep you fit and healthy – an important part of your physical and mental wellbeing.

In 2021 MFC Foundation teamed up with the Boro Walkers Association charity to raise much needed funds for both organisations with over £2000 being donated across the month . Paul Shepherd – Business Development Manager from MFC Foundation said: “Helping our communities to maintain and improve both their physical and mental wellbeing is very important and this challenge will not only help do that but at the same time raise monies to enable MFC Foundation to continue their work with the most vulnerable within our communities.”

The challenge is simple climb Roseberry Topping every day during the month of February (28 times) and you will have climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest. 

However we appreciate that not all people may be able to get out every day so we have worked out how many ascents of your staircase would be the equivalent of Mount Everest.

The average height of a staircase in a UK home is 7.87ft, so we’ve worked out how many times you would have to climb your stairs to scale the heights for Everest throughout February.

If your home stairs are different, you can just divide the total footage of the mountain by the height of your stairs (in feet) and that will tell you how many times you will need to climb your stairs.

The walk back down doesn’t count towards your total – that’s your descent of the mountain!

Everest – 29,079ft = 3,695 stair ascents = 131 ascents per day

Kilimanjaro – 19,340ft = 2,457 stair ascents = 88 ascents per day

Mount Etna – 10,922ft = 1,388 stair ascents = 50 ascents per day

Ben Nevis – 4,413ft = 561 stair ascents = 20 ascents per day

Roseberry Topping – 1,050ft = 133 stair ascents = 5 ascents per day

You don’t have to reach for the stars with this challenge – you can choose the mountain that you feel comfortable with and climb the equivalent vertical steps to reach your peak.


Anyone wanting to take the MFC Foundation Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge should initially register your interest by emailing letting us know which mountain you want to climb.

We will support you every step of the way and will set up a dedicated and personalised fundraising page on your behalf allowing family and friends to sponsor and support you. We are asking if possible you could look to raise a minimum of £150 but appreciate that this might not be possible so any amount raised will make a huge difference.

The MFC Foundation Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge is open to both individuals and families and we want you to step up and take part in our virtual mountain climb from the comfort of your own home.

Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate to acknowledge their efforts and will be entered into a draw to win a Boro related “Goodie Bag”.

If you want to take the MFC Foundation Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge and at the same time raise funds allowing us to continue making a difference to the life’s of the most vulnerable people across Teesside email today.