Callum’s Success Story Started With Our Traineeship Programme

DESPITE the challenges presented by Covid-19, MFC Foundation’s Traineeship scheme has enjoyed considerable success over the last six months helping graduates progress into customer service and sports coaching roles.

While two members of the group completed customer service-based Traineeships that have resulted in employment with Tesco, four other members of the group have secured apprenticeships with local sports employers.

The training, conducted at MFC Foundation’s Herlingshaw Centre, alongside a meaningful work placement, paved the way for these young people to secure employment opportunities.

When we initially worked with Callum, his overall attitude was what impressed the most. After discussion with the tutors, he decided to undertake a Traineeship with the Foundation. Callum had a huge willingness to learn. He had clear goals and knew what he wanted to aim for, taking on any advice given and being very proactive in his responses and actions. Any challenges he took on, he achieved. Callum was such a positive member of the group, he guided other participants, demonstrating encouragement and empathy.

Callum reflected: “I had been unemployed for a while, struggling with confidence and motivation. The combination of the sports and employability appealed to me a lot.” He’d previously been on other Employability courses but hadn’t been able to maintain the motivation to impress an employer.

The interactive activities and opportunity to get involved in sports helped Callum to not only increase his motivation but to also become more confident. He openly admits he struggled. “I lost my confidence from being unemployed multiple times for a long period and was lacking social interaction which spiralled into being demotivated.”

While on the course, Callum gained the skills to apply for jobs and to perform at interviews. During this time, he was successful at an interview and secured a position with Tesco on a part-time contract in Beer, Wines and Spirits Department. He impressed so much, that he has now secured full time employment with them and graduated early from our programme.

To achieve this in a pandemic, when the odds are against you and employment rates are low, is such an achievement.

Aaron Keys, Callum’s manager at Tesco said: “Callum joined us at Christmas during a very busy time for our Beers Wines and Spirits department. He fitted straight into a very strong team and was recognised by the store manager and store director for consistently delivering a brilliant shopping trip for our customers over Christmas! He’s really reliable and flexible and generally a pleasure to work with!”

Callum is an example of what can be achieved with the right attitude and support.  If you would like to be the next person helped into work by MFC Foundation get in touch by calling Adam on 07378 111808