Boro And The Foundation Tackling Loneliness Together

Middlesbrough Football Club together with their charitable arm MFC Foundation have been writing to elderly members of society to check on their wellbeing and to see if they need any help.

It was an initiative that started in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic when calls and letters kept some vulnerable members of society in touch with the outside world.

Now the EFL have backed a Tackling Loneliness Together programme which has seen Boro and the Foundation reach out to over 500 fans so far.

“The response has been heart-warming,” says Paul Shepherd who is leading the programme for the foundation.

“We even had one gentleman write back to us saying he was grateful for the letter but didn’t need anything right now. He added that he loved the work we are doing and enclosed a donation, which was a really nice touch.”

Strength In Unity – Supporting Each Other is a catchphrase adopted by the club and the foundation as they continue to reach out and respond to the needs of a generation who are used to the personal touch.

“The catchphrase speaks for itself really,” says Paul. “It may be something as simple as a monthly letter, or a puzzle pack. We’ll soon be sending out a quiz, after that we’ll be asking parent and grandparents to explain why they are so proud of the children and grandchildren. Grandparents especially love boasting about their grandchildren, don’t they?”

If you would like to be part of the Tackling Loneliness Together programme, or know someone who would, then e-mail