92 Challenges 46 Shirts 1 Aim For Our Premier League Kicks Targeted Participants

OUR Premier League Kicks Targeted participants have raised awareness of KitAid and its mission, “To recycle your once loved football kit and distribute it to underprivileged children and adults in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

The initiative was partly inspired by the collaboration between KitAid and the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust, of which Boro midfielder Matt Crooks is a trustee, which has seen #Sinnott25 shirts sent all over the developing world.

Each young person completed a series of physical challenges of varying difficulty – ranging from rounds on the pads in our boxing room to 1,000m on a rowing machine which when completed earned a certain number of shirts to be added to our donation box.

In total 92 challenges were completed resulting in 46 shirts being boxed up to be sent far and away from Teesside.

All shirts donated were from the Middlesbrough U23 2019/20 Premier League 2 campaign. Participants helped to select the shirts, box them up, design a poster to go on the front of the box and to help us hand the kit over to KitAid at their Stokesley drop-off point.

Josh, aged 12, who contributed six shirts said: “I really enjoyed being part of this challenge and learning about KitAid. My favourite Boro player is Matt Crooks and when I found out that his charity donated lots of shirts I couldn’t wait to get involved.”

With thanks to David Oxley and Eric Taylor at Stokesley Sports Club who accepted our donation on behalf of KitAid.