National Citizen Service

George Friend facing away from camera wearing an NCS t-shirt


What is NCS?
The national citizen service (NCS) is a flagship government programme for young people aged between 15-17. Offering something for everyone, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find your identity, take control of your life and channel your energy into making a real difference to your local community.

Phase One is all about challenges. This week will be spent meeting some amazing new young people and living as a team away from home at an outdoor activity centre. You will work in groups of 12-15 in an adrenaline fuelled week of challenges and activities, e.g. canoeing/kayaking, gorge walking/ghyll scrambling, rock climbing and hiking. This is your chance to discover new things, make new friends and enjoy the freedom of being away from home.

Phase Two sees you meet up with your team in a university style accommodation and living away from home. You will improve your life skills such as communication, leadership and self-confidence and develop your life skills, which all looks great on your UCAS statement and CV. You will have the opportunity to meet with organisations and important members from your local community and create links for future projects or even ideas for your own business/charity.

Social Action
This is where you can make a difference! All of the skills and experience you have gained and developed over the past two weeks all come together and you will have the opportunity to create your very own social action project. You will plan, fundraise and have the power to make a real change to your local community by delivering your project.

It’s time to recognise and celebrate! Young people have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and the achievements of their team in style. You will celebrate with your team during a graduation event where family and friends can come along to see the hard work and effort and hear the fun stories you all have to tell.

NCS doesn’t stop there
Once you have completed your four week programme you will become a part of a wide network of young people who have a range of opportunities both locally and nationally for graduates once their programme has finished. You can continue with social action projects or choose to help shape future participants programmes, the possibilities for volunteering and involvement are endless.

Contact Kelly on or 07976246931

Herlingshaw Pitches Get A New Lease Of Life

A grant from the Football Foundation and a lot of hard work has transformed the outdoor pitches at MFC Foundation’s Herlingshaw Centre.

Following plenty of use and Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the pitches were in a poor condition, in particular the goalmouths.

Groundsmen Tyler Woodrow and Jordon Bowker set about making it right.

Levelling was required, with seed and root zone needed, together with a thorough cleanout as well as top dressing and a form of de-compaction.

All pitches were cut very short, and scarified, helping remove a small percentage of thatch, thus helping drainage issues in the winter. A considerable amount of debris was also removed.

A mini top dress with the existing soil helped with divot levels, then the pitches were seeded three times.

Sand drainage channels were created in wet areas to help connect to the main drains, while the goalmouths and other wet areas were levelled and hand seeded.

The renovation continued with the application of fertiliser, while germination sheets were applied to goalmouths and other bad areas to speed up recovery.

Watering was conducted mainly at night and after five weeks small areas started to improve.

Just two weeks later a major improvement could be seen and while it will take a little longer for the whole process to be seen to its best effect, the pitches are now better than they have been for a long time and ready for you to show your skills.

If you want to hire a pitch, e-mail, or ring the centre on 01642 282128