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MFC Foundation Launch Media Campaign To Celebrate Middlesbrough Women
MFC Foundation Launch Media Campaign To Celebrate Middlesbrough Women

MFC Foundation have announced the launch of their #BoroMakesMe social media campaign, which will see a host of successful athletes, TV personalities and businesswomen come together with program participants to celebrate their Middlesbrough heritage for International Women’s Day.

Head of Foundation Helena Bowman and former Olympic runner Allison Curbishley introduced the campaign ahead of Middlesbrough’s FA Cup victory over Oxford United on Saturday.

The initiative, which will culminate in a viral video on March 8 (which is this years’ International Women’s Day), will contain a compilation of self-filmed videos of stars such as Olympic Gold Medallist rower Kat Copeland, Team GB swimmer Aimee Wilmott, Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen, and Games of Thrones actress Faye Marsay, among many other unannounced guests.

The celebrities, alongside young girls from some of MFC Foundation’s programmes, will shoot short videos of around 10-15 seconds, in which they will begin with the phrase ‘Boro Makes Me’, before rounding it off with an expression of the positive feelings they have towards the town, as well as adding an anecdote or two.

Curbishley, who ran in both the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, explained why she felt compelled to join the #BoroMakesMe campaign, and why she feels Middlesbrough as a town is somewhere young girls can be proud to call home.

“Like many women who come from Middlesbrough, it gives you the identity wherever you travel in the world,” she said.

“I’m lucky enough to follow athletics all over the world, and the one thing that stands out is your accent, so as soon as you start talking you hear that Teesside accent and you just get it.

“I’m very proud of my local roots, and it’s great to always come back, whether it’s to see a match at the Riverside or visiting friends and family, its home!”

Back in November, charity Plan International UK produced a report which stated Middlesbrough was one of the worst places in the UK for young girls to grow up, and Curbishley was delighted with the resounding response that came from loud-and-proud Teesside figureheads.

“It was great to see the positive reaction to the report, with many well-known Boro lasses coming out and saying that it doesn’t help with news pieces like that.

“We are aware that are social issues in many towns around Britain, but when I was running being from the area is something that I liked to shout about.

“I was inspired to take up running by a Middlesbrough girl who ran in the Seoul Olympics, and as a Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harrier that was something I wanted to do, and Louise Collins made it achievable because she was from Boro.”

Head of Foundation, Helena Bowman, spoke about the reason why MFC Foundation have launched the #BoroMakesMe campaign, and what it hopes to do for young girls in the area.

“Since the report back in November, we wanted to make this video to help empower the girls and young women of Middlesbrough, and instil in them that they should never feel disadvantaged or embarrassed about where they come from.

“Middlesbrough is a very proud part of the country, boasting a Premier League football club, an ever-growing university and some of the leading sports athletes and businesswomen in the country.

“There are no limits to what young girls can go on to achieve in their lives, whether in sport or education, and as a charity MFC Foundation are trying to raise their aspirations across the projects that we have, and continue to build on the hundreds and thousands of females we have engaged over the 20 years in which we’ve been in operation.”

Surprise guests will be announced one-by-one on the Foundation’s Twitter account, @MFCFoundation, in the build up to International Women’s Day, with the final video aired on March 8.