Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Academy

The newly launched Volunteer Academy is MFC Foundation’s most recent development into raising aspirations and building more cohesive and inclusive communities, through the power of football. The Volunteer academy is open to anyone across the Tees Valley and aims to provide a ‘meaningful’ bespoke volunteering offer.

Programme Aim

Using a collaboration of internal placements and external partnerships, the Volunteer Academy aims to source the most suitable and beneficial placements for all of its volunteers. Ensuring that they have ongoing support and guidance throughout their journey. Whether individuals are wanting to volunteer to further develop their skills, broaden their horizons or just simply to give something back. The Volunteer Academy can help place volunteers through 1:1 consultation with the Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer academy encompasses three specific groups which are categorised into individual programmes;

The Crossbar
Representing the metaphorical link between education and social application, the crossbar is specifically for anyone in full time or part time education. The programme allows a broad offer into the social, physical and psychological challenges within sport, and includes placements in; coaching, assisted delivery, sports development and project/session management and evaluation.

The Tunnel
The Tunnel project is specifically for individuals who are not currently in education, employment or training (NEET). Who may be sourcing Volunteering to explore opportunities within their local Community. Alongside Volunteering placements we also offer employability skills, advice and opportunities, through the use of independent portfolios, career fayres, and introducing volunteers to wide-spread networks.

The Transfer Window
Our transfer window offer allows individuals who are already in employment to source transferable skills and experiences through volunteering on our projects. This particular scheme of volunteering also extends to partnerships with businesses and organisations as a whole, who invest their time and their employees into local projects within the community.

We are committed to developing a robust volunteer offer which is accessible for all. Not only do we offer fantastic opportunities within the foundation across a broad range of projects, we also work with individuals who have; transportation, accessibility and Health related restrictions. We will source projects and organisations which are local to you, and are built around your own individual needs assessment and personal aims. Ultimately, we aim to develop a consistent, independent, and ‘meaningful’ approach to volunteering.

For more information, or to sign up to our Volunteer Academy please contact Annaleigh.wynn@mfcfoundation.co.uk or give us a call on 01642 454816 / 07387414993